Account Control

Account Control is the perfect system for all those who need to reconcile and control a high volume of transactions. With smart tools everything is easier and considerably faster.


Financial overview

Both managers and their staff need a proper overview. When you log into Account Control, you get a complete picture of all key figures, reminders and tasks.

Smart reconciliation

Reconciliation takes place automatically in Account Control using smart technology that recognises patterns and gets progressively better as it learns.

It goes without saying that you are always in control of the process and that you can easily change the guidelines for the automatic reconciliation – nor are you limited to only account reconciliation. The reconciliation of credit cards, tickets, inventory and currencies are only a few of the possibilities.

Manual reconciliation

Account Control will designate some transactions to have too high uncertainty to be automatically reconciled. This may be due to the distance between dates, missing references between customers and suppliers and so on. The manual reconciliation tool provides you with a clear overview, thereby enabling you to deal with the remaining entries quickly and easily.


Account Control lets you define tasks and routines and then delegate them to users. You can also define who has access to specific accounts, allocate roles and systemise work processes for reconciliation, approval and control.


Account Control makes it possible to micromanage as much – or as little – as you want. The processing of users, companies, integration and much more is a piece of cake. Whether you have a small, open organisation or a major corporation with stringent security requirements, Account Control is the perfect solution.

You can try Account Control completely free of charge. Request a demo and see for yourself how you can start saving both time and money.